Film location or photography location: We have a wide variety of building backdrops. These range from original 1950s features to contemporary architecture. For general availability visit our Contact Us page. Click on image for bigger file.

Film location nescot ewell epsom contemporary architecture

contemporary reception walkway building 6

building contemporary wooden

building contemporary

walkway 60 70 building

walkway 60 70 building 2

animals building

bridge 60 70 walkway building

contemporary stairway walkway building

farm building

contemporary building seating

building greenhouse rustic

stable farm building 3

building bridge 60 70 walkway

building walkway 60 70 tree

buildings bike shed 60 70

rustic buildings trees 2 contemporary

car park staff 2 buildings

rustic farm building greenhouse

contemporary building bike rack

buildings prefab 60 70

building 60s

contemporary building balcony

50s building